Monitoring Progress of the Strengthening Sustainable Communal Forest II Project in Albania

CNVP - Strengthening Sustainable Communal Forestry in Albania

This is a three year programme to further strengthen the capacity of local forest and pasture user associations and local government units in particular, strengthening linkages between stakeholders for sustainable communal forestry and pasture management. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Water Administration and the National Federation of Forest & Pasture Users. The project is co-financed by Swedish Development Cooperation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.
inclusive economic development through strengthening capacity development of civil society
and local government organisations, building institutional linkages for sustainable communal forestry” learn more

Result 1: Improved decentralised management & better secured property rights

This focuses on improving the capacity of the target local government units to manage communal forest and pastures in collaboration with local stakeholders. This includes support to strategic policy and planning processes; implementation of approved management plans; review of revenue collection; as well as securing property rights for rural forest families respecting traditional use rights.
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Result 2: Improved user-orientated management strategies & income opportunities

This result is focuses on the users of communal forest and pasture areas. It promotes multi-objective sustainable forest management approaches, better organisation within and between producers and collectors of forest products and providing better links to markets in order to maximise income generation in support of rural livelihoods. A particular focus is to strengthen women’s economic participation in value chain development.
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Result 3: Improved & enabling institutional, policy & legal framework

This promotes multi-stakeholder processes on advocacy; knowledge brokering, to influence national policy and legal processes to support decentralised management. This includes better definition of stakeholder roles and responsibilities to strengthening accountability, transparency responsiveness and communication within and between groups, including focus on gender equality of opportunity.
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Result 4: Regional Meetings of Stakeholders

This result raises awareness of Local Government Units to the new arrangements and responsibilities resulting from the transfer of communal forest and pasture areas from the State to Communes. This result supports annual forums in all Regions of Albania to share learning and experiences as well as disseminate the learning and approaches piloted from the target Communes.
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Promoting equal rights and economic opportunity

Our strategy sets out to ensure that women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences play an integral role in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of project activities. The ultimate goal is to achieve gender equality, such that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated. ‘Our vision: ‘to ensure that both men and women have the opportunity to contribute and benefit equally in forestry through both decision making and utilization’.
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Geographic coverage

Apart from support to national level processes, the focus will be on the regions of Kukes, Diber, Elbasan, Shkoder and Gjirokaster and Korca, strengthening existing networks and organisations. Approaches to support Local Government Units to meet their new responsibilities through the various project activities are piloted through multi-stakeholder engagement in pilot communes of Bujan, Malzi, Ulez, Melan, Zerqan, Gjinar, Orenje, Shllak, Shkrel, Picar, Petran, Bucimas and Liqenas.
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Project Purpose

Property rights of forest & pasture users better secured in all Communes through “Granting of forest economy parcels for usufruct purposes based on the contract concluded between the individual or legal entity, farming household and the major of the local government unit” Council of Ministers Decision #22, by EOP; Read more

Better representation of forest & pasture users in the legislation, regulatory procedures, management planning processes by EOP;

Project Result Area 1

Improved decentralized management & better secured property rights for forest & pasture users.

Project Indicators:

Target LGUs (12) can prepare annual utilsation plans, issue contracts to users and collect fees & tariffs by EOP
Forest and pasture taxation reinvestment funds established in target LGUs by EOP.
CFP users in pilot Communes (12) have user certificates/contracts including economic usufruct rights by EOP
Core groups in 6 regions formed, functioning & meeting at least twice per year providing knowledge & outreach:
Commune working groups
Regional core groups

Project Result Area 2

Improved user-orientated management strategies & income opportunities for communal forest & pasture users

Project Indicators:

2.1 Multi-product management strategies are adopted by farming households & included in LGU management plans & annual utilisation plans by EOP:
2.1.1 Inclusion of multi-product management strategies in management plans and annual utilisation plans
2.1.2 Number of households adopting multi-product management strategies
2.1.3 Measurement of sample plots to inform multi-product management strategies
2.1.4 Carbon sequestration per forest type according to plot data
2.2 Increased production & income for nut crop producers (men and women) through better organisation & collaboration by EOP
2.2.1 Formation of producer groups and nut clubs
2.2.2 Nut trade fairs and buyer seller-meetings
2.2.3 Regional value chain actor groups
2.3 Women’s economic empowerment enhanced through year on year increase in number of women’s producer groups receiving support and number of gender sensitive services delivered
2.3.1 Producer groups and nut clubs
2.3.2 Training provided
2.4 MAP collecters in target communes are organised to negotiate more secure rights to sustainable harvest by EOP

Project Result Area 3

Improved & enabling institutional, policy & legal framework in support of communal forest & pasture users

Project Indicators:

3.1 FPUAs are recognised in the legislation as the main actor to manage common property communal forest & pasture land at the commune level by EOP
3.1.1 Declarations
3.1.2 Provisions in drafted and negotiated legislation
3.1.3 Organisational assessments of FPUA
3.2 Sector stakeholder roles better defined and covered by collaborative agreements at the local level by EOP
3.3 Multi-stakeholder processes & networks (forums) covering policy, legal, economic & institutional issues conducted annually
3.3.1 National conferences
3.3.2 Meetings by the Regional Federation
3.4 % increase in the number of women in decision making structures (FPUAs and Regional Federations) by EOP
3.4.1 Formation of women core groups in pilot communes
3.4.2 Organization and gender assessments of women core groups
3.4.3 Women representation in boards of Regional Federation
3.4.4 Women representation in boards of FPUA

Project Result Area 4

Impact data on income will be provided in the last quarter of 2013

Impact data on production will be provided in the last quarter of 2013

Data will be provided in the last quarter of 2013

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